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MusicGlove Clinic Therapy System for Mac/PC (6 gloves)


  • Clinically Proven to Improve Function
  • Simple, Safe, Easy-to-Use
  • Hundreds of Therapeutic Exercises
  • Visual and Audible Cues


  •  Includes:
    • 6 Gloves Covering Left, Right Hands, Small, Medium, Large Sizes
    • Premium Headphones
    • Connector Cable and User’s Manual
    • (Note: Computer not included, and online software is available for download)


$3,449.00 incl. GST | $3,449.00 excl. GST


Music Based Hand Therapy

  • Engage and motivate your patients with MusicGlove Hand Therapy Training

MusicGlove is a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks. It works by motivating users to perform hundreds of therapeutic hand and finger exercises while playing an engaging musical game.

Clinical prove of hand function

  • Improve the ability to grip small objects over a period of 2 weeks with a total of 6 hours of use.
  • Shown functional gains such as: washing dishes, tying shoes, using the restroom independently, and using a remote control.
  • Simple, safe, easy-to-use motivating therapy technology

See more details in published research study below

How to use it

  • Put the MusicGlove on your hand, plug it into your personal laptop or Flint tablet, and press play.
  • Then, follow along and make the appropriate pinching movements when each musical note floats down the screen.

What You Get with MusicGlove for PC or Mac

  • 1 MusicGlove in your size
  • 1 USB License with MusicGlove Home Software for PC/Mac
  • Headphones
  • Connector Cable and User’s Manual



  • Details
    • FDA listed neurorehab that helps improve mobility for hands, arms, core, and legs.
    • Ready to use right out of the box, no special training required
    • Adapts to your level of recovery, even if you have little to no mobility.
    • Used in 300+ rehabilitation hospitals, 10,000+ homes