Hocoma Motek C-Mill VR+ Dynamic Body Weight Support Treadmill


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  • Interactive Virtual Reality Applications
  • Augmented Reality Projections
  • Treadmill Integrated Force Plates
  • Body Weight Support System
  • 1m x 3m Walking Surface
  • Adjustable Handrails & Ramp

Treadmill training that simulates challenges in everyday life through augmented and virtual reality, with integrated assessments.


Motivational Gait and Balance Training that Maximises Performance

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Hocoma C mill VR+


The C-Mill product line consists of cutting-edge balance & gait instrumented treadmills. Designed to stimulate everyday scenarios through augmented and virtual reality for interactive, dynamic, and dual tasking exercises.

Key Features

  • AR projections (belt projections)
  • VR applications with cognitive training (transition to dual tasking)
  • Large treadmill with integrated force plate (senses patient’s movements)
  • Functional gait training
  • Objective Assessments
  • Fun, motivational & enjoyable
  • Evidence-based design
  • Optional body weight support

Advantages of C-Mill Therapy

Effective Functional Gait Therapy

The C-Mill helps patients train for everyday life’s environments and changing circumstances, like walking in a crowded area or avoiding obstacles.

By utilizing virtual reality applications, projections, and force plates, the usual limitations of conventional therapy setups can be overcome, enabling the therapist to simulate a broad variety of realistic situations.

Simulation variables can be changed easily.

Therefore, balance, steady gait, dual tasking, and gait adaptability can be improved fast and effectively.

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Time ratio spent on actual training is greatly increased on the C-Mill for both the patient and the therapist.

Overground walking tracks with obstacles, turns, and stepping targets no longer have to be set up, leaving more time for actual exercises.

Patients can take more than twice as many steps during a C-Mill training compared to a conventional physiotherapy session of the same duration.

Backed by Science

Therapy on the C-Mill is based on the proven principles of motor learning: external focus of attention, variable practice, implicit learning, high training intensity, task specificity, and performance feedback.

To simulate everyday challenges, these principles have been incorporated into C-Mill training in several ways, such as external visual and acoustic cues, variation in exercises, easily adjustable parameters, motivating virtual and augmented reality experience, real-time and after-session reports, and more.

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Objective In-Depth Assessment

Extensive data collection allows valid, objective, and highly reliable assessment of balance, gait, and gait adaptability.

During each stage of the rehabilitation process, C-Mill assessments can be used:

  • For balance: static postural control and dynamic weight shifting in four directions.
  • For gait: spatio-temporal parameters (step length, step width, etc.), gaitograms, video recordings, and center of pressure pattern.
  • For gait adaptability: treadmill projection and virtual reality application tasks to facilitate comparison to walking in daily life presented in a spider diagram.

All assessment data is clearly visualized and issued as dependable reports.

Monitor Performance Over Time

A patient’s performance is measured and saved to provide both short- and long-term results and insights.

This lets the therapist determine a patient’s status as well as efficiently adapt the content for the next training.

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Extended Treadmill Training

The C-Mill offers extended training possibilities through its optional Body Weight Support (BWS) System and additional versatile balance exercise applications.

Due to the optional BWS system, patients’ body weight can be significantly reduced during gait training, enabling them to start therapy much earlier in the rehabilitation process.

What started as a treadmill for functional gait training only now offers a variety of optional balance suite, allowing not only for different stages and intensities but also for different types of training.

Both options enhance early rehabilitation, with the BWS system additionally reducing the therapist’s effort to assist patient ambulation.

Fun, Motivational, and Enjoyable

Thanks to its functional, safe, and challenging yet fun applications, the C-Mill offers an enjoyable and engaging therapy.

Various exercise games featuring visual and audio stimuli provide patients with an interactive, varied, and fun therapy full of enjoyable and rewarding moments to keep them immersed and motivated.

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C-MILL Product Line

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