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Woodway Force


  • No Maximum Speed
  • Self-Propelled, Unlimited Speed Limit With Braking System
  • 60 Individual Slats
  • 180kg Weight Capacity (running)
  • 363kg Weight Capacity (walking, max 6kph)
  • 55 x 173cm Deck
  • Vulcanised Rubber Surface
  • 240,000 Kilometre Deck Life Expectancy



There is nothing that compares to the Force. The Force is a stationary sport loading platform designed specifically for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training. The system works by tethering an athlete in place so they become the “drive” or “force”. Instead of a motor, there is actually a brake, so you have the ability to increase resistance and take training to the next level. This is only made possible by the Slat Belt running surface, which allows the belt to move without friction and to stand up to the rigors of the largest and most powerful athletes. By adding more resistance and varying interval time and target speeds, the Force is ideal for targeting and training sport-specific Energy System Development (ESD). Simply put, the Force gives coaches and trainers a remarkable edge in training athletes for speed, explosiveness, and anaerobic endurance.


The slat-belt running surface also has distinct advantages, lasting up to 240,000 kilometres without a single belt change or deck swap. With 114 ball bearings, the belt glides smoothly, resulting in years of life with very little maintenance. There is no need to adjust and tension the belt because our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley.

The Force treadmill does not have a motor so it utilizes very little electricity. All it takes is an athlete’s will and determination.