Hocoma Total Neurorehabilitation Solutions

Hocoma has a portfolio of products that provides solutions for the complete continuum of Neurological Rehabilitation and movement disorder.  (Eg, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, etc).


State-of-the-Art Gait Rehabilitation

Patients are increasingly more informed about what the most effective and efficient therapy is, and they use this information to decide where to go for their rehabilitation.

All patients look to receive the most effective training possible and the Lokomat ensures high quality and repetitive gait rehabilitation—a great reason why a patient might decide on your clinic.


Effective Functional Gait Therapy

The C-Mill helps patients train for everyday life’s environments and changing circumstances, like walking in a crowded area or avoiding obstacles.

By utilising virtual reality applications, projections, and force plates, the usual limitations of conventional therapy setups can be overcome, enabling the therapist to simulate a broad variety of realistic situations.

Simulation variables can be changed easily.

Therefore, balance, steady gait, dual tasking, and gait adaptability can be improved fast and effectively.


Intensive and Versatile Overground Gait Therapy

The Andago V2.0 provides therapists with a versatile tool for overground gait training, bridging the gap between treadmill-based and free walking.

The unique combination of self-directed gait, body weight support, and mobility enables intensive training of various functional mobility and balance tasks. It is an ideal tool to help patients prepare for daily life.

The Andago supports training with constant body weight support within a vertical displacement range, allowing therapists to utilise any accessories that fit within the inner device width, such as steps, ramps, patches of various surfaces, balance boards, etc.

Therapists can utilise a selection of training modes and parameters to adjust challenge and provide scalable therapy, catered to each patient’s need. Therapists can take over steering of the Andago at any time, for example to support gait initiation or to nudge the patient in a specific direction.

Armeo Power

Highly Intensive Early Arm Rehabilitation

The Armeo Power has been specifically designed for arm and hand therapy in an early stage of rehabilitation.

The device enables even patients with severe movement impairments to perform exercises with a high number of repetitions (high intensity), which is paramount for relearning motor function.


Early and Safe Mobilisation Even in Acute Care

Mobilisation and verticalisation of immobile patients with little or no capacity for interaction can be very demanding and challenging—especially in acute care—and can compromise the well-being of patients and therapists.

The Erigo combines gradual verticalisation with robotic movement therapy to ensure the necessary safety for the stabilisation of patients in an upright position. Due to the unique afferent stimulation provided by the Erigo and the flexible harness, patients can be trained intensively and safely already in a very early stage of rehabilitation.

Hocoma Total Neurorehabilitation Solutions