Dynamic Body-Weight Support

ZeroG can maintain a consistent level of body-weight support regardless of vertical movements. For example, if the amount of unloading is set to 20%, the patient will always feel 20% lighter even when going from a sitting to standing position.

Robotic Trolley

The motorized trolley automatically tracks patient movements up to 5 mph. Patients only feel the vertical unloading without any drag from behind.

Aretech Harnesses

For use with Aretech products exclusively. Sizes toddler to 2XL to fit a variety of shapes comfortably.


ZeroG has advanced fall protection measures which monitor patient movements at 1,000 times per second. ZeroG has been used to train hundreds of thousands of patients since 2008 without a single patient or therapist injury.


Wide Range of Patient Diagnoses
Stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, amputees, and orthopedic injury.

Wide Range of Patient Sizes
Patients between 20 – 450 lbs.

Wide Range of Functional Activities
Walking, balance activities, postural tasks, sit-to-stand, stairs, getting off the floor and more.

Early and Intensive Therapy
Fall protection and dynamic body-weight support promote early intensive therapy.

User Interface

An intuitive touchscreen or wireless remote are used to operate ZeroG. Each was developed with therapist feedback to ensure a user-friendly design.

Session Reporting

Important training data from each session is stored into a secure database that can be exported in various formats.