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FitMi Clinic Therapy System for Mac/PC


  • Software Suitable for PC/MAC
  • 40 Full-Body Exercises, 10 Difficulties
  • Multi Sensory Feedback
  • Customisable for Numerous Conditions


  • Includes:
    • 2 FitMi Therapy Pucks
    • FitMi Receiver
    • FitMi Docking Station
    • User’s Manual
    • (Note: computer not included, and online software is available for download)


$1,098.90 incl. GST | $999.00 excl. GST


Make Therapy Fun for Your Patients!

FitMi is an interactive exercise tool for Occupational and Physical therapy.

FitMi adds both fun and intensity to each therapy session.

FitMi was designed as a fun tool and built specifically for rehab with clinicians and patients in mind. It provides multi-sensory auditory, visual, and haptic feedback to keep patients engaged.

FitMi Measures 40 Full Body Exercises with 10 Difficulty Levels

FitMi maybe appropriate to all stages of recovery following stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological injury. Exercises for FitMi range from passive stretching exercises to more complex functional upper and lower extremity exercises. You can also tune the difficulty of each exercise so that your patients are always optimally challenged. Choose exercises across Hands, Arms, Core or Legs.

Simple to Setup: Easy to Use

The clinic version of RehabStudio (the software that comes with FitMi) lets you create a custom regimen for individual patients.

  • Step 1: Select a User
  • Step 2: Create a regimen (programme) for the patient
  • Step 3: Start Exercising
  • Step 4: View Results
  • Step 5: Increase Challenge

Simple, Clear Exercise Instructions

Exercises are shown with clear direction and are simple to follow. A video showing each exercise is also included to remind the patient, care giver or therapist how to complete the exercise.

Patient Progress Tracking & Analytics

The clinic version of RehabStudio (the software that comes with FitMi) lets you track the progress of individual Patients through the Analytics.

Supporting Clinical Evidence

  • Massed Practice

Increasing the number of exercise repetitions that stroke survivors practice during rehabilitation leads to an improved recovery. In pilot studies with FitMi, users performed 12 times more exercise repetitions than the average for conventional therapy.

Multi-Modal Feedback

Providing stroke survivors with both immediate and long-term feedback on their performance can significantly improve their recovery. FitMi provides immediate visual, auditory, and haptic feedback as patients exercise, as well as daily summaries and long-term performance trends.

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TGA Registration

Flint ARTG Registration #311106

  • Details:
    • FDA listed neurorehab that helps improve mobility for hands, arms, core, and legs.
    • Ready to use right out of the box, no special training required
    • Adapts to each patient’s level of recovery, even if they have little to no mobility.
    • Used in 300+ rehabilitation hospitals, 10,000+ homes

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