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The rectangular base panel is supplied together with 4 cylinders and 4 contoured discs made from different coloured plastic material.

Cylinders can be freely inserted into the 30 holes arranged in the base, while discs can be fitted on the cylinders. The half-moon discs have a grip that is easier to grasp, using the hand in various positions and improving dexterity.

The size has been designed to promote a grasp with an almost open hand and extending the metacarpophalangeal and Interphalangeal joints. Inserting the discs into the pins helps practise the pronosupination of the wrist.

You can also work on recognising, matching and seriating the various colours. With a panel placed on the wall, you can also exercise elbows and shoulders. For those who need to work on a sloping plane, the panel can also be held on the knees or in the hands of the therapist, who is in front of the patient.

The standard set-up for the exercise aid can be subsequently integrated with other similar or different components from the available choice of accessories.