TheraKit Therapy Table AirLift Height Adjustable with Wheels


  • Height Adjustable 700-1130mm
  • Desktop 1200 L x 700 W x 25mm
  • T-Leg Feet with Rear Wheels
  • Quick Release Grip Handle Under Desktop
  • 1200mm Desk Aluminium Shark Nose Edge
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustable = No Power Cables

$1,083.50 incl. GST | $985.00 excl. GST

TheraKit AirLift Height Adjustable Desk Side

The TheraKit AirLift height adjustable desk has a unique patented lift design that does not require any electric power or manual crank handle.  Simply press the lift handle and quickly raise or lower the desk to your desired sit/stand height.

No power point – not a problem now you can situate your desk wherever you want in the room and as many as you require.  Ideal for classrooms, workstations or personal office.

  • Stylish and efficient, safe and versatile
  • Unique patented lift mechanism
  • 1200mm Desk with Aluminium Shark Nose Edge
  • 1200mm desk features Stable T-Leg with Rear Wheels
  • No messy cables or power point required
  • No slow crank handles or electric motors
TheraKit AirLift Height Adjustable Desk 1200 Model
TheraKit AirLift Height Adjustable Desk Office
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Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

1200 x 700 x 700-1130mm

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