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FitMi – Interactive Therapies

FitMi is an interactive therapy device designed to help patients that have suffered from stroke, spinal cord injuries traumatic brain injuries or other neurological injuries speed up there recovery and improve Neuro-Muscular function as well as Neuro-Plasticity.

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The FitMi combines 10 sensors built in to two durable pucks to detect a unique array of movements such as twisting, rolling, squeezing and rotating with over 40 pre-programmed exercises to enable patients at any stage of there rehabilitation journey to engage in interactive exercises to add a whole new dimension to your therapy experience.

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Clinical studies have long shown that massed practice has a strong correlation to improved rehabilitation time in stroke survivors, and thanks to the simple and easy-to-use in programs available with the FitMi studies show that users performed 12 times more exercise repetitions then that of conventional therapies. Combined with customisable and adaptable programming as well as real time feed back patients and therapists are able to quickly adjust difficulty and specificity of exercises to keep patients engaged and motivated through countless modifiable routines.

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The path to recovery for survivors of stroke and other neurological injuries can some times be hard, but the FitMi gives patients and therapists to track progress over any array of different areas giving immediate, short term and long term feed back to give patients clear evidence of progress.