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LiteGait Q-Pads Innovative Balance Training System

Q-pads are an interactive rehabilitation system providing the user and clinician visual feedback via a pressure sensitive surface and bright multi-coloured LED lights. Appropriate for children and adults, upper and lower limbs, in sitting, standing or quadruped. They are easy to set up, strong enough to step on and even magnetic for vertical use. Different functions are available allowing the therapist to customise activities using multiple pads to tailor to the various needs of each user.

With the Large set, it is possible to compose setups for social game play

The “Random” function allows the therapist to create a game like “Simon” or “Twister” and can incorporate multiple pads. The “Scale” features display force not only the right and left side for sit-to-stand, weight shifting, and balance, but can also show if the weight is being distributed on the forefoot versus the heel, (or palm versus fingers when being used for upper extremities).

The random functionality in particular can be fully exploited when larger sets are chosen.

Q-pads sense presence of forces as little as 11 pounds for exercises involving stepping or touching a colour pad while measuring up to 330 pounds for clients working on weight bearing, weight shifting, and balance. Q-pads also display the distribution of forces for activities aimed to improve weight transfer between rear foot to forefoot or palm to fingers.

Wall mounting board where the pads can be easily mounted. This is primarily used in exercising the upper extremities.

Q-pads bring a unique dimension to therapy, increasing patient engagement and satisfaction with fun and challenging tasks.

The LiteGait allows therapists to control weight bearing and correct posture without balance concerns while over the Q-Pads.

The LiteGait allows patients to safely use the Q-Pads while working on motor and cognitive skills in a safe and comfortable fall-free environment.

  • Work on motor and cognitive skills in a pleasant and entertaining way
  • Feedback that motivates and shows improvement
  • Train Balance, Coordination, Weight Bearing
  • Expand by adding pads to increase challenge or for social games
  • Design unique training programs for each user
  • Thresholds adjustable for hands/feet