LiteGait Walkable LG 75


  • 34kg Patient Capacity
  • 152cm Maximum Patient Height On Ground

WalkAble™ is specially designed for use with smaller children at home or in therapy.

WalkAble™ is specially designed for use with smaller children at home or in therapy.

WalkAble is the smallest LiteGait® model, and is perfect for children weighing up to 75 lbs and 5′ 0″ tall for the Walkable 75 and 100lbs and 5’6″ tall for the Walkable 100. (In addition there are LiteGait models available for larger patients.)

The harness comfortably supports the child, and the locking straps allow adjustments to be made for walking symmetry, while providing a very enjoyable walking therapy experience.

The smaller, lighter design of the WalkAble allows a child to be safely supported while walking over ground or over treadmill in any environment, whether at home, in school, or in therapy.

The unique design of WalkAble allows its supportive yoke to slide easily and safely down the upright post, allowing for control of posture and balance for even the youngest children, while a redundant safety pin and two tightening knobs keep the yoke securely in its desired position. Additionally, the uniquely designed harness can be used—without modification—for both walking and crawling.

Gait therapy sessions using a treadmill at speeds as slow as 0.1 mph have proven highly effective with the pediatric populations. In combination with the proper training program, WalkAble can help therapists and parents improve a patient’s gait patterns, posture, balance, muscle strength and overall endurance levels. WalkAble is being used successfully in homes, children centers, and rehabilitation facilities throughout the world.

Maximum Patient Weight Capacity 75lbs (34kg), Maximum Patient Height over ground 5’0″, Inside Base Width 25” (63.5cm)

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