ZeroG Passive Gait Training Option


  • Dynamic Body Weight Support
  • Advanced Trolley Tracking System
  • Fall Protection
  • Real Time Feedback


ZeroG® Gait andBalance System

The most advanced robotic body-weight support system continues to get even better. ZeroG is used by more clinicians than any other robotic body-weight support system In 2007, the ZeroG Gait and Balance System was introduced. Now in its third generation, Aretech’s ZeroG continues to be the long- standing leader of innovation and quality. When using ZeroG, walking overground, sit-to-stand, stairs, getting off the floor and other activities of daily living are all performed in a ‘reduced gravity’ environment without the


Dynamic Body-Weight Support

ZeroG provides constant unloading even during large vertical movements with proven accuracy. With the touch of a button, the level of unloading can be changed by pounds or a percentage of body weight to alter therapy intensity..

Advanced Trolley Tracking

The ZeroG robot anticipates and reacts to patient movements so they do not feel any drag from the trolley. ZeroG is the only system with proven accuracy

Training Responses in Postural Rehabilitation

Balance recovery involving rapid compensatory stepping is essential to prevent falling. Studies have shown that these reactions can be improved by increasing the unpredictability of trips and slips while walking.

However, practicing these skills during rehabilitation are not routinely performed due to safety concerns. Now, for the first time, therapists can safely train their patients to develop compensatory stepping responses in a controlled, measurable manner using TRiP for ZeroG. Therapists can use TRiP to apply perturbations to patients using ZeroG during ambulation or stationary activities. This may improve their stability and reduce the risk for falls.

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