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Woodway Kineassist


  • 0 – 10kph Forward and Reverse
  • 70 x 173cm Deck
  • Space Requirements 325 x 244 x 244cm
  • Weight Capacity 158kg
  • Continuous Weight Support 79kg
  • Sold for Research Use Only



  • Treadmill surface moves in direct response to the user’s intention
  • Unique harness system protects patients from the consequences of losing their balance by catching them before they can fall, which builds confidence in their abilities while they increase strength and stamina
  • Body-weight is supported at the hip, allowing for a natural gait without any mechanical interference
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training

KineAssist – MX

Any patient that is medically cleared for gait and balance therapy is suited for the KineAssist-MX, focusing on training activities and skills related to walking and upright balance.

Assessments and interventions are developed to focus on:

  • Aerobic Endurance Training
  • Gait Pattern Training
  • Strength Training
  • Speed of Movement Training
  • Dynamic Balance Training
  • Walking training under challenging conditions