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ChineSport Italia

This aid comes with two different shaped aluminium pins, two different sized spheres and one plastic cylinder.

These elements offer various handles and types of “grip”:

– The two small aluminium pins are to perform accurate finger movements (one of these versions can replicate a key grip);

– The two spheres are also suitable for a child to “grasp” (for example, it can be grabbed using the palm of the hand);

– The cylinder with 2.5 cm diameter and 9 cm height is for grasping with the palm or finger tips depending on the patient’s capabilities or the movement you wish to perfect.

This exercise aid improves the use of fingers, wrists, upper arms, hand-eye coordination both in adult and adolescent patients who need to learn and practise skills they have never used before or have lost after a trauma injury to the limbs or due to neurological lesions.

Through a movement that is restricted to a track, the upper limb can move following a varied motor programme, while also working on retracting the shoulder-elbow-wrist joint.

Helps improve writing skills and using keys in locks.




Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

395 x 175 x 60mm

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