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The panel has a larger, square base compared to item AR10027, and is supplied together with 8 cylinders and 8 contoured discs made from different coloured plastic material.

Cylinders can be freely inserted into the 75 holes arranged in the base, while discs can be fitted on the cylinders. The discs have a grip that is easier to grasp, using the hand in various positions and improving dexterity.

Starting by inserting the cylinders away from each other – even two cylinders will do -, the exercise difficulty is increased adding more cylinders on, so that the cylinder or discs need to be picked up in a “crowded” environment that makes the task more challenging.

Discs can also be fitted vertically between cylinders and/or be moved as if they were vehicles on a track; they can also be placed on top of the pins in the shape of a stilt-house.

The standard set-up for the exercise aid can be subsequently integrated with other similar or different components from the available choice of accessories.