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The rectangular base panel is supplied together with 8 pins with a magnetic top, and 8 different coloured metal discs.

This game is particularly enjoyable and versatile, as it can also be used for colour recognition as well as to help improve calculation skills and create shape and colour sequences.

The magnet helps to pair the half moons, even when the patient experiences serious difficulties with basic tasks. Lifting the metal disc requires greater strength and accuracy. Plates can be brought closer vertically (and dropped down – a very appealing game) or grabbed horizontally.

Lifting the plate helps with tasks like pulling the tab in a drinks can, and using coins or buttons. Plates can also be removed with the open palm facing upwards. The special half-moon shape provides an easier grip and an extremely innovative opportunity for interaction.

The standard set-up for the exercise aid can be subsequently integrated with other similar or different components from the available choice of accessories.