RehaMoto Active Passive Trainer

  • Lower or Upper Body
  • Active, Assistive, Passive
  • 8″ Colour Touchscreen
  • 4 Exercise Modes
  • Standard Passive 60 RPM Motor Speed
  • Adjustable Frame & HandleBar Height
  • Spasticity Control Function
  • Velcro Handcuff Pair Included
  • Now known as INNOFIT A8 MoveME Active Passive Trainer


4 Training Modes: Passive, Assisted, Active & Constant Speed Training

The intelligent device realises real-time monitoring of user’s training status and provides for a smooth conversion between different modes.  RehaMoto controls the servo motor through the central processing unit and the biomechanical monitoring feedback system.  Users can do passive, assisted, active and constant speed training with the RehaMoto LGT-5100D.

RehaMoto Active Passive Trainer Training Modes
  • 8″ Full Colour Touch Screen with intuitive display and accurate operation
  • High performance servo motors ensure smooth operation
  • Wheels on the base allow you to easily move the device
  • Spasm Recognition: Intelligent spasm setting, identification and protection system for safe training
  • Symmetrical Training: To achieve visualisation training of left and right muscle strength, to guide bilateral balance of muscle strength and enhance coordination
  • Game Training: Enhance the fun of training and improve the initiative of users.
  • Real Time Data: Speed, Resistance, Muscle Tension and other training data is displayed and adjusted in real time.
Reha Moto LGT 5100
RehaMoto Active Passive Trainer Details
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Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

760-900 x 520 x 1050-1250mm

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