NOHRD SlimBeam Option – Lat Bar Aluminium


  • Lightweight Aluminium 3kg
  • Knurled Non-Slip Finish
  • 123cm or 52cm Long
  • Requires Lat Attachment Option

$210.00 incl. GST | $190.91 excl. GST

Nohrd Slim Beam Lat Attachment
Nohrd Slim Beam Lat Attachment

Made from high-grade aluminium. When attached to the SlimBeam, the Lat Bar extends the range of possible exercises, particularly those focused on the lats/back and shoulders. The ribbed surface of the bar allows for a secure grip.

Available in two sizes either 120cm or 52cm.

** requires SlimBeam Lat Upgrade Set**

SKU: ND-SBO-LB Category:
Weight3 kg
Dimensions123 × 11 × 11 cm

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