Nohrd Elasko Stretching Bars


  • Sleek & Technical
  • Freestanding & Portable
  • Slim Compact Design
  • Selected Timbers Available
  • Complementary APP Included

Freestanding, portable bars frame and mat designed for stretch and balance training. Crafted with stretch guru Sonja Laskowski, the Elasko bars offer a unique approach to train flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. Suitable for all fitness levels, the Elasko bars come with a complimentary app featuring guided workouts and training programs for an all-encompassing physical and mental well-being.

$2,299.00 incl. GST | $2,090.00 excl. GST


The Elasko bars frame and mat facilitate efficient static and dynamic stretch fitness. Designed to provide a most comprehensive stretching experience with its unique positioning of bars and side loops for countless grips and positioning. The integrated mat ensures optimal comfort and support for floor exercise, while its foldable design and wheels make it compact and easily transportable.

Elasko training is designed to provide you with the latest trend in stretch fitness and a wide range of stretch and movement routines. The bars are handmade from sustainably sourced solid wood, blending seamlessly into any residential or professional setting. Explore Elasko’s complimentary app with star trainer-guided, connected content for inspiring workouts.

Nohrd Elasko Oak Detail

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