Healthtec 4m HX Platform Electric Height & Width Adjustable Parallel Walking Bars


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  • Electric Height & Width Adjustable
  • Battery Operated
  • 600 – 1000mm Electric Height
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • 430 – 800mm Electric Width
  • 1220 x 3050mm Platform Timber Base
  • Minimal Trip Hazard
  • 200kg Capacity per rail
  • Available in 3m, 4, and 5m Length Bars


The HX Platform Series Electric Parallel Bars allows the bars to slide forward, descending on an angle off the end of the platform permitting an easy transition for patients accessing the bars from a wheelchair.  The large range of adjustability makes the bars useful for both adult and paediatric patients for a variety of activities, including walking, gait training, side stepping, and sit to stand activities.  The battery power removes the need for floor outlets or placement near a wall, eliminating trip hazards seen with corded products.

  • Simple Design provides Ease of Operation
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • Electric Height Adjustment 600 – 1000mm
  • Electric Width Adjustment 430 – 800mm
  • Powered by Rechargeable Battery
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Arms operate independently
  • Available in 3m, 4, and 5m Length Bars

Maximum Working Load: 200kg
Maximum Working Height: 1000mm
Minimum Working Height: 600mm


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