Healthtec Electric Parallel Walking Bars Height Adjustable


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  • Electric Height Adjustable
  • Battery Operated
  • 650 – 1000mm Height
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • Bolt to Ground Base
  • Minimal Trip Hazard
  • 200kg Capacity per rail
  • 650mm Suggested Width

$4,750.00 incl. GST | $4,750.00 excl. GST


Electric Parallel Bars offer a convenient and versatile solution for rehabilitation professionals to support patients in improving mobility, strength, balance, and independence.

Adjustable Height: Electric parallel bars can be easily adjusted to accommodate users of different heights, ensuring optimal support and comfort during rehabilitation exercises or gait training sessions.

Motorised Movement: The electric height adjustable feature allows the parallel bars to be moved automatically, eliminating the need for manual adjustment by therapists or caregivers.  This saves time and effort, making it easier to customise the bars’ position for each patient’s specific needs.

Versatility: Electric parallel bars can be used for a wide range of rehabilitation exercises, including walking, stepping, balance training, and functional activities.  Their versatility makes them suitable for patients with various mobility impairments and rehabilitation goals.

Improved Independence: By providing stable support during gait training and mobility exercises, electric parallel bars can help patients gain confidence and independence in their ability to walk and perform activities of daily living.

Increased Compliance: The motorised movement and adjustable settings of electric parallel bars can make rehabilitation sessions more engaging and enjoyable for patients, increasing compliance with therapy programs and promoting better outcomes.

The electric height adjustable function enables the practitioner to adjust the bars to fit the patients required height.

If for example the patient is in a wheel chair, the bars can used to lift the patient into a standing position removing any OH&S issues and potential of injuries.

As the unit bolts straight to the floor there are no obstacles for the client to negotiate as they walk, allowing them to totally focus on their practitioners instructions.

  • Simple Design Provides Ease of Operation
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Bars are Separately Adjustable and Operate Independently
  • Powered by Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Recharger Included


3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m

User Weight Capacity


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