RehabTechnology Supplies a wide range of Treadmills from Basic Home Treadmills to Medical Grade Treadmills with integrated Gait Analysis Software.

FIRST DEGREE FITNESS offers a complete range of commercial grade rowers, rowing machines, upper body ergometers and commercial grinders utilising fluid as the resistant mechanism. Their range provides unique resistance training that competitive rowers can train on, but that take into consideration the requirements of gym or health club users by offering superior comfort and function. With proven success in improved cardio health benefits when used in conjunction with cross trainers and treadmills, more fitness professionals are recommending rowing to their clients and using FIRST DEGREE FITNESS products to fill a void that had existed in the commercial health club sector for many years. With the development of leading-edge fluid technology to allow variable resistance, FIRST DEGREE FITNESS’s range of superior equipment will prove a sound investment time after time.

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