Dyaco 5.5UE PT Rehabilitation UBE Upper Body Ergometer

Dyaco Medical

  • 5-800W Workload Range
  • 30 Bi-Direction Resistance Levels
  • Removable Seat for Wheelchair Access
  • 180kg Weight Capacity


The Dyaco 5.5UE PT Rehabilitation UBE Upper Body Ergometer is engineered to facilitate upper body exercise with a coordinated and natural arm motion. It offers an exceptionally low starting resistance, which adapts to patients’ individual range of motion capabilities, ensuring gentle and low-impact movements for the upper limbs, arms, and shoulders.  The newly designed 5.5UE features an oversized bench seat with adjustable positioning, accommodating patients of various sizes. For added convenience, the bench is removable, allowing for wheelchair access.

Equipped with a built-in tablet computer, the 5.5UE offers a range of therapy programs, further enhanced by its multi-connectivity protocols and cloud analytics. This comprehensive system is tailored to meet the diverse needs of therapists and patients, providing a versatile and effective platform for upper body rehabilitation.

Timer Program

A quick set-up, large font, egg timer type display for patient warm-ups.

Magnetic Resistance System

Our system offers a low start-up threshold, delivering a wide range of smooth, comfortable, and highly precise resistance levels.

Bidirectional Resistance

This functionality allows for pedalling in both forward and reverse directions, enabling immediate retro-cycling to diversify exercise options.

Multi-function Handle

Located within close patient proximity, the multi-function handle is a central control hub with shortcut keys, allowing for effortless operation of the console.  Moreover, it includes a handy arm height adjustment lever, streamlining the process of adjusting the equipment for maximum comfort and efficiency during therapy sessions.

Rotating Hand Grips

The handles are engineered to swivel naturally in accordance with wrist movement, enhancing the user’s ergonomic experience.

PT Range 5.5UE

The 5.5UE features a user-friendly 10-inch touch panel console that offers direct access to the Dyaco Insight cloud computing platform for comprehensive data analytics. Positioned atop the console is the Beacon, which utilizes vivid lighting to evaluate exercise intensity.  This feature provides physical therapists with an immediate visual cue regarding their patients’ progress.

The system boasts a wide range of connectivity options, including wireless capabilities, multiple access login, and real-time streaming data transfer.  These integrated features are designed to enhance the productivity of therapists and bolster the rehabilitation outcomes for patients, creating a comprehensive and efficient rehabilitation experience.

360-Degree Articulating Arm

This feature allows clinicians to manipulate the console from any position around the machine, ensuring both a suitable distance and angle for optimal patient observation.


Utilising vibrant lights positioned atop the console, the Beacon efficiently assesses exercise intensity and provides a quick visual signal to physical therapists regarding their patients’ progress. The Beacon can be configured to display information such as the remaining Program Time, Power level, Exercise goals, or Heart Rate percentage.

Wireless Connectivity

With Wi-Fi, the console can connect to Dyaco Insight, two Bluetooth channels for wireless heart rate devices and third-party apps, as well as ANT+ compatibility.

Broad Connection

The console offers versatile connectivity options, including hardwired connections for data streaming to PCs and links to external devices like cardiac stress testing systems.

Dyaco MED 8 Series

Dyaco 8.0 Series All Units 1000

The whole new 8.0 Series comes furnished with a 10″ touch panel console, providing direct access to the Dyaco Insight cloud computing platform for data analytics.  The Beacon, positioned on top of the console, employs vividly colored lights to assess exercise intensity and offer physical therapists an immediate visual cue regarding their patients’ advancement.  The broad connection, wireless capabilities, multiple access login, and real-time streaming data transfer are all integrated features designed to amplify therapists’ productivity and support patients’ rehabilitation outcomes.

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