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AusCo Wall Double Pulley Plate Loaded Bilateral Pulley System


  • Simple Double Pulleys
  • Plate Loaded Weights
  • Small Weight Increments
  • Compact Wall Mounted Design

  • AusCo Bilateral Pulley System made up of 2 x Unilateral Single Pulley Systems wall mounted next to each other.
  • Simple Design provides Ease of Operation
  • Permits smooth weight resisted exercises of 2 arms or 2 legs at any one time.
  • The amount of resistance can be varied independently
  • Swivel type connections allow for an infinite range of directions and angles both in a horizontal and vertical direction.
  • The Pulley is supplied complete with standard accessories including an adjustable ankle and a single loop handle. Further accessories are available as options.
  • Unit bolts straight to the wall for easy installation and saves space.
  • Weight Range 0.5kg starting weight to 7kg (using included weights) which can then be further increased using further optional weights up to 25kg.
  • Weights included are: 8 x 500g, 8 x 1.25kg Round Plate Weights

Weight40 kg
Dimensions220 × 30 × 30 cm

Dimensions Assembled LxWxH

400mm D (from Wall) x 1000 (based off mounting the 2 Single Pulley Systems 600mm apart) x 2200mm