Archimedes System Frame 8 – SELF-SUPPORTING WITH 3 SIDES on Castors

ArchimedesChineSport Italia

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  • Free Standing
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • 3 Sided
  • Modular Customisable
  • Frame & 3 Top Grids Included


This is an open pulley therapy system that offers a wide range of exercises of various types, to meet the needs of the professional and the patient.  It is made up of modular structures that can be configured and adapted to suit operating needs and the space available, a set of harnesses for different areas of the body, and other equipment that complete the system.  The system allows for creativity in designing specific rehabilitation programmes.

Frame #8 is a mobile Archimedes Pulley Therapy Station with casters, allowing easy transfers by just one person.  Perfect for rehabilitation gyms with limited space, or to be used in different physiotherapy rooms each caster has individual brakes allowing the system to be locked in to place.

This configuration is a free standing system that consists of 2 sides and a celling, with metal grids installed to all sides.  Further grids can be added along with a grid reinforcement structure allowing the support of further weight.

All Archimedes configurations are modular to fit the needs of your clinic, hospital, gym or home.  Speak to your Rehab Technology representative today to discuss how the Archimedes system can be designed to fit your needs.

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Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

2370 x 1035 x 2400mm

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