Tunturi E80U Endurance Upright Ergometer Bike


  • 58 Levels of Resistance
  • 43 Programmes
  • 20 – 440 Watt Range
  • 150kg Weight Capacity
  • Ergometer Accuracy
  • VO2 MAX Test Programme
  • Easy Access Low Step Through Design
  • Bluetooth and App Connectivity
  • Adjustable Handlebars

$2,398.00 incl. GST | $2,180.00 excl. GST


Tunturi Endurance E80U Upright Ergometer Cycle

Training is your life: intensively and preferably as often as possible. In that case, cycle at top-level with the E80 exercise bike from the Endurance range. This exercise bike adapts to your needs and goals. Train like a professional, also at home.


  • A real Ergometer with an exact display of output/resistance
  • A monitor that displays the different parameters
  • Cycle a virtual route displayed on the screen
  • Connectable with Tunturi Routes
  • T-Road: Exercise with lifelike video footage, which synchronise with the speed you are training with. The feeling as if you are exercising outside. Even more motivating
  • Low step through: The low entry instep is ideal for easy mounting and dismounting
  • VO2 MAX test: The VO2max fitness test is a so-called multistep fitness test. The resistance increases every two minutes person-dependent. After the test, a calculation is made of the person’s physical condition. The test calculates the amount of oxygen in your blood that flows to your muscles
  • Adjustable handlebar: Tilt the multi-grip handlebar to the desired position
  • Powerful EMS: An EMS, also known as an electromagnetic brake system. The brake power is controlled electronically and stepless. There are no moving parts that can wear out, which increases the reliability and accuracy
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