TheraKIT Hi5 Vibrating Massager



  • High-Torque Quiet Motor
  • 6 Vibrations Levels
  • 6 Massage Heads Included
  • Aluminium Carry Case
  • USB Rechargeable

$179.00 incl. GST | $162.73 excl. GST

Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Female Model

This super-silent, patented tool can help speed up fat loss, reduce scar tissue accumulation and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.

Our Vibration Massage Device provides more muscle relaxation, stimulates blood circulation and increases lymphatic return.

The Vibration Massage Device also aids in muscle repair, activates the nerve system, aids in weight loss, offers stress relief, terminates fatigue and features quiet glide technology.

This quiet and lightweight tool allows you to seamlessly change the head attachments and adjust through 6 speeds for a customised massage experience for maximised results in a minimum amount of time.

This massage device provides a longer run time and lower noise than other models, and is wireless and portable.  The innovative and ergonomic Hi5 shape design gives users more holding posture possibilities, enhanced massage intensity and vibration radiation depth!

Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Angle
Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Heads

Packed with Features:

• 6 Speed Settings: 6 Speeds Choice for you, giving your muscles a deep massage. It’s ideal for muscle recovery after exercise.
• 6 Exchangeable Head Attachments – for optimal reach and targeting areas for maximum relaxation and fat loss reduction!
• Portable Carrying Case -The prefect way to store and transport your massage device and accessories!
• Wireless & Portable! – no need for a cord, you can use this massage device anywhere!
• 37db-45db – This super quiet tools is low-noise, much quieter than other tools on the market, ensuring you a quiet and comfortable environment.
• Lithium Ion Battery Technology – for 2 hours fast charging and ultra-long run time!
• The latest technology with AI Artificial Intelligence CPU – for precise speed control, stall protection and built in flash memory
• 12 mm Super Large Amplitude – for in-depth muscle relaxation!
• 6 mm Deep Muscle Penetration – this provides deeper tissue massage than any other automated massage tool!
• 3200 Times/Min High Frequency Vibration – for deep muscle tissue penetration
• Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor – for higher comfort, efficiency, performance and longer lifespan!
• Up to 8 hours use per charge – Charge Less and Use More
• Hi5 Ergonomic T-Shape Design – for more holding postures possibilities, enhance massage intensity and vibration radiation depth!
• Soft Head Attachment – Increases the comfort of massage and avoids injuries to spine and bone during vibration!
• 1-Button Control – Such ease of use, one On/Off switch is simple and convenient.
• Protection Against – Short-circuit, Overcharge and Over-Discharge Protection keeps this massage device running at peak performance for years!

• Package Includes: Vibration Device, Aluminium Carry Case, USB Charging Cord, Flat Head Attachment, Fork Head Attachment, Bullet Head Attachment, Cushioned Head Attachment, Spade Head Attachment.

Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Side Size
Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Motor Detail Drawing
Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Buttons
Hi5 V6 Vibrating Massager Battery
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