STRUZZO STANDUP 400 Standing Frame with Harness

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  • Electric Fully Assisted Lift
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Large Working Tray
  • Lift by Harness
  • Weight Capacity 140kg
  • User Height 140-200cm


This STAND UP 400 Standing Frame is a specialised Assistive Device with harness enabling the user to attain and maintain an upright position. 

The Standing Frame can be moved indoors with the help of a caregiver by means of castors.

It can be used by those who can not cooperate or are unstable when sitting, even when leaning on the handles with both hands.

The end user is lifted into a standing position by means of a (rechargeable) battery-powered electric motor operated with hand control.  The long side handles can be helpful at the first stage to support the user in the transfer onto the footplates, and then for guaranteeing a safe condition during the lift from sit to stand.  The geometry of the lifting forces minimises the load on the knees and hips – often frail in elderly people.  A safety switch is available to stop the lifting sequence at any time.

A series of adjustments without tools ensures the Standing Frame can be adapted to the user’s morphological characteristics.  In particular, the main frame along with the knees, hand and trunk supports are quickly and smoothly adjustable to the user’s height by an assisted hydraulic, activated by a thumb control mounted to the side handles.  (There is a further option of electric actuator in place of the hydraulic if preferred.  This second actuator is then activated by the same hand control used for the electric lift.)

The special shape harness with clips is made of anti-slip material and can be easily put on the patient.  For better stabilisation at trunk and hips level the long side handles can be adjusted in width and integrated with padded elements as accessory.  The device is fitted with a wide service tray adjustable in tilt.  The service tray can be fitted with padded covers (please see accessories).

Other models of the STAND UP series are available as alternative to this model when a special long seat is used instead of harness for end users who are able to cooperate.

  • Dimensions: 103.5 x 75 x 98 – 146 h cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Max load: 140 kg
  • User height: 140 – 200 cm


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