Pals Platinum Electrode 5x9cm (2×3.5″) Rectangle 4 Pack – 10 Pack Bag (40 Electrodes)


  • 5cm x 9cm (2×3.5″) Rectangle
  • 4 Pack x 10 Bag Set
  • Flexible and Reusable
  • Optimal Current Distribution
  • Axelgaard PALS Code 895240
  • Freight $15 incl GST for any Quantity

$181.76 incl. GST | $181.76 excl. GST


PALS® patented conductive cloth neurostimulation electrodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal current distribution. PALS® electrodes were one of Axelgaard’s first product lines, which revolutionized neurostimulation electrode performance with their patented stainless steel knit fabric design. This design allows PALS®electrodes to maintain flexibility while maximizing conformity to any body surface. With the reusability you can count on and the quality you have always trusted, PALS® are Axelgaard’s best electrodes.

PALS® electrodes enhance patient comfort during stimulation by dispersing current evenly across the electrode while eliminating stinging, edge biting, and hot spots. Utilizing Axelgaard’s patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel, PALS®provide comfort with every application.

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