LiftUp StairTrainer Electric Height Adjustable Exercise Stairs


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  • 4 Stairs Electric Adjusted
  • 25-190mm Height Range
  • Wheels for Easy Movement
  • Digital Display Monitors Heights enables user to follow progress
  • Weight Capacity 180kg
  • For Adults or Paediatrics

StairTrainer features fully adjustable handrails and stair height, making it suitable for children and patients with different treatment needs.  This flexibility makes it ideal for helping patients regain confidence when climbing stairs because the rehabilitation can begin on low stairs and the height progressively increased as the patient recovers.


The LiftUp StairTrainer is used by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide.

Rehabilitation should begin as quickly as possible to maximise your chances of a full recovery after illness or an accident. StairTrainer is one of the best rehabilitation aids available and is widely used for rehabilitation and ongoing physiotherapy for adults and children.

StairTrainer is a mobile, fully adjustable staircase that is used to support patients in rehabilitation as they learn to use stairs again.

  • Adjustable Height 

The height of the stairs on the StairTrainer can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 19 cm, which helps patients at all stages of rehabilitation to regain and improve their ability and confidence to use stairs.

  • Safety Use Features

The StairTrainer design incorporates safety features such as an all-round handrail and an emergency contact button. This makes it safer to use for both the patient and the physiotherapist.

  • Digital Progress Display

The StairTrainer features a digital display which shows the current step height setting. This provides extra motivation to the patient to continue with their rehabilitation as they can monitor their progress as the stair height increases.

  • Transport & Movement

Transport wheels give the StairTrainer additional flexibility by allowing you to easily relocate it to where you need it.  Sharing of device between several departments and clinics possible!

  • Compact yet Versatile Design

Due to its compact design, the StairTrainer can fit through doorways as narrow as 90 cm.

  • Easy Setup

Plug & Play feature requires no installation or setup by professionals

For Adults & Children


  • StairTrainer for Children

The StairTrainer can be fitted with an extra half height handrail for children.  This allows children to start rehabilitation faster as well.


  • StairTrainer for Adults

The robust banister all the way around the StairTrainer for adults, makes the rehabilitation for several groups of users easier and safer. Everywhere where rehabilitation and training are done could benefit by the StairTrainer:

  • THE USER can start training earlier, minimise potential consequential damages and achieve a faster receovery.
  • THE THERAPIST has a better working posture and thus a better working environment.  The banister can support the user, whereas on ordinary stairs the user only has the therapist to support.
  • THE SOCIETY profits from faster discharges from hospitals etc due to more free beds, and faster come back to the labour market.
LiftUp Exercise Stairs Stairtrainer Electric Child Handrail
LiftUp Exercise Stairs Stairtrainer Electric Comfort and Safety
Weight150 kg
Dimensions197 × 97 × 135 cm

Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

1730 x 835.50 x 1100mm Lowered -1740mm Raised

Assembled Weight


User Weight Capacity

180kg (No Load During Operation)

Delivery Options

8-12 Weeks Delivery

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