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Dyaco 7.0S MED Rehabilitation Recumbent Stepper with Swivel Seat

Dyaco Medical

  • Adjustable Swivel Seat
  • Low Step-Through Design
  • 5-750 Watt Range
  • 200kg Weight Capacity
  • 2.5-32cm Adjustable Step Range
  • Multi-Position Ergo Handles
  • Oversized Pedals
  • Download Workout Metrics
  • (Previously Known as Spirit Medical Systems MS300 Medical Recumbent Stepper)

$9,205.90 incl. GST | $8,369.00 excl. GST


Dyaco 7.0S Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper
The Dyaco 7.0S Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper has a semi-recumbent position so hips, knees and ankles are protected from unnecessary strain. The stepper helps therapists to place patients onto this machine and its 360 degrees rotating seat further aids the process for ideal positioning.  Patients’ strength is built effectively with its upper body exercise programme even for users that have limited mobility in their lower body. With its bi-lateral measurements, patients can precisely design workouts to achieve symmetrical balance.

Rotate and adjust handles for comfortable hand position
The accommodating handles are adjustable in length to fit a variety of users. Handle positioning is easily secured for legs-only, arms-only, or total-body workout.  In addition to adjustable length, the handles also swivel in accordance to natural wrist movement. Soft, textured coating offers a secure grip.

Medical accessories help caregivers with extra support
Our medical accessories for the 7.0S stepper help caregivers with extra support to overcome severe instability with specially designed pedals. Isolating injured areas with our calf supports and wrist cuffs allow patients to not only continue exercise, but be challenged.

Adjust the seat horizontally and recline
For the best body positioning and workout comfort, the padded seat adjusts forward and backward and also reclines.

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