CanDo Balance System Modular Set with Rack


  • Complete Modular Balance System
  • Variable Difficulty Levels
  • 3 Platform Sizes
  • 10 Ball Set
  • Rocker Board or Wobble Board
  • Wall Mounted Rack for Storage


CanDo Balance system offers an unstable and sensory stimulating platform to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and postural reactions.

The boards can be used for: balance, coordination, and proprioceptive training; ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation; core strengthening and stability; ankle range-of-motion and flexibility; and improved posture.

MVP balance system is a modular balance system with 4 different non-skid platforms available and 5 different colour-coded instability balls to choose from. The platform stability can be altered creating various difficulty levels.

The MVP balance system is perfect for balance, coordination, ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation, ankle range-of-motion  and flexibility, core stability, improved posture, and proprioceptive training. Each board can be used either as a wobble board, if 1 ball is inserted into the centre position, or rocker board, if 2 balls are inserted into opposing side positions. One ball can also be positioned off centre to aid in ROM and stretching activities. The smaller instability balls offer the least instability and the larger instability balls offer the greatest instability. Larger platforms can limit the instability.


  • Balls 2 x yellow, red, green, blue, black,
  • Boards 1 x 16,20,30″ diameter boards
  • Level of difficulty is variable
  • 2 slots in platform for band or tubing
  • Use as wobble or rocker board
    • One ball for wobble board
    • Two balls for rocker board
  • 5 colour-coded instability balls
    • Smallest ball (Yellow) is most stable
    • Largest ball (Black) is most unstable
    • Balls screw in/out of platform with ease
  • Three sizes of platforms
    • Smaller is more difficult, larger is easier
  • Use hanging rack for compact storage
    • Holds 10 balls and up to 4 platforms
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