Align-Pilates A Series Reformer Jump Board


  • Compatible with A & M Series Reformers
  • 655mm L x 600mm W, Weight 7.8kg
  • Steel Frame with EVA Padding


The Align-Pilates Jump Board provides you with a firm and stable platform for plyometric exercises and is one of the most popular accessories for the Pilates reformer.  Perfect to add dynamic movements to your Pilates repertoire for a great cardio workout! Built with steel frame with top quality EVA padding for long lasting memory and excellent shock absorption, covered with abrasion resistant vinyl.  The Jump Board can be added later without requiring modification.  This jump board is compatible with all A-Series Align-Pilates reformers and M1 reformer.  It can also be used with the Combo Chair to convert it into a high back chair.  We also have Jump Boards for C, F & H-Series and M*-Series.


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