• Easy-to-use touch screen software
  • Battery powered stimulators
  • Therapy cart
  • Locking and easy move wheels

Coordinated iFES-Evoked Movement Patterns



Xcite FES Clinical Station includes:

  • A battery powered stimulator with up to 12 channels of FES that can be used on or away fromt its therapy cart, with or without mains power, for enhanced flexibility and functionality
  • A mobile therapy cart that holds your electrodes, cables, and accessories and to which Xcite stimulator attaches magnetically when placed on the cart for added stability


Xcite enhances the impact of the traditional therapeutic activities that support muscle re-education by:

  • Enhancing active muscle contractions
  • Facilitating dynamic, reciprocal movement patterns for normalized input
  • Providing patient feedback
  • Including four libraries with over 40 functional activities
Restorative therapies Xcite Features LAHC Key

How it Works

The Xcite iFES Clinical Station provides a variety of coordinated, iFES-evoked dynamic movement patterns available in four therapy libraries:

  • Hand Activities
  • Upper Extremity Activities
  • Lower Extremity Activities
  • General Activities