Pulse Adductor HSeries IFI Selectorised

Pulse Fitness

  • Central Pivot Point Creates a Efficient Workout
  • 2.5kg Incremental 100kg Weight Stack
  • Robust, Durable European Design
  • Ergonomic Design for the Optimum Workout


The Pulse H-Range Adductor is the Best Machine for Toning Inner Legs and Thighs

Powered by British engineering, the Pulse H-Range Adductor delivers expertly designed control of the exercise, allowing users to achieve an optimum workout. Sister to the Abductor.

Range Limiting Movement Adjusters

Flexible workout positions are achieved through an intelligent ergonomic design for the optimum workout while accommodating rehabilitation movements.

2.5kg Incremental 100kg Weight Stack

Featuring small increment adjustments providing user friendly workout to aid progression. The large weight stack scale offers a broader training range for all users.

Front Loading Weight Stack

The front loading weight stack enables users to adjust their weight from their exercise position. The adjustment pin features an eyelet handle allowing any user to move the pin with the use of just one finger.

Belt Driven Design

For optimum durability and reliability, a reinforced steel belt is fitted across the range.

Unique Incorporated IFI Designs

Varying textures, single handed colour adjustments and swing away seats all contribute to a fully inclusive solution.

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User Weight Capacity

Dimensions LxWxH

1570 x 860 x 1350mm