Nohrd WallBars Option – Combi-Trainer Ash


  • Extends Upper Body Exercises
  • Upholstered Sliding Bench
  • Fold-Out Support Legs
  • Foldable for Storage

$1,249.00 incl. GST | $1,135.45 excl. GST


The CombiTrainer can be used with the NOHrD WallBars and extend the exercise possibilities.  The seat, with its special covering, guarantees support while exercising.  There are several exercises in different sitting or lying positions for the whole body.

The CombiTrainer is ideal for the use with the 14-rung WallBars and can be set at varying heights on the WallBars.  The higher rung you hook it into, the harder the exercise.

After workout the CombiTrainer can be fixed vertically on the WallBars for storage.

  • Measurements: ca. 190 cm x 60 cm (LxB)
  • Seat: 85 cm x 35 cm (LxB)
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