LiteGait I 500E

  • 227kg Patient Capacity
  • 224cm Maximum Patient Height
  • 100cm Powered Lift
  • BiSym Tablet Included

The LiteGait I 500E is designed for the facility that wishes to treat the most wide variety of patients from the shortest to the tallest, lightest to the Bariatric.

The 500lb (227kg) patient capacity provides lifting and support for the full 500lb (227kg) of patient weight, not just a percentage of this.

The LiteGait I 500E with its longest vertical lift stroke of 40” (101cm) provides the broadest range of motion in the LiteGait Range to lift a person from a seated position to a full standing position over a treadmill or over ground for a Patient of 236cm in height.The LiteGait I 500ES is the shorter version providing for the facility the same weight capacity but not requiring the range of vertical stroke lift, 32” (81cm) for patients up to 193cm.

Standard LiteGait I Features:
• FlexAble Yoke
• Double Actuated Lift with Remote Control featuring 2 Up and 2 Down Buttons for double speed
• Control Box with Battery Charge Level Indicator, Emergency Stop Button and Charger
• Rechargeable Smart Charge Battery
• Adjustable Height and Multi Grip Handle Bars
• 1 x XL Adult Harness to fit large persons 42”-84” with an extension to fit to 97” with 2 Groin Straps XXL and XL.
• 1 x Adult Harness to fit a wide variety of users of 25”-60” with 2 Groin Pieces Large and Medium.
• Additional Harness Accessories
• FreeDome™ Yoke
• Gator Stool™
• AutoStep™
• BiSym Digital Weight Measurement Scale
• Base Inside Width Options to fit larger sized treadmills
• Rehab Treadmills

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