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LiteGait HugN-Go 250 Mobility Device


  • Supports & Lifts
  • 61cm Vertical Powered Lift
  • Patients to 6’0″ in Height
  • Patient Capacity to 112kgs


The HugN-Go Mobility Device products are the first Supported Ambulation devices of their kind.

A walker that lifts and supports, the HugN-Go products allow for patients with a wide range of impairments to get up and walk over ground safely.

The HugN-Go can lift patients weighing up to 112kgs (250lbs) from sit to stand, in and out of a chair or wheelchair, on and off the toilet or from a bed all with the push of a button.

The easy to use harness simplifies the process of getting patients upright, and assists balance during ambulation for a confidence building experience.

  • Battery operated power lift
  • Easy to use remote control switch
  • Easy to unweigh patients
  • Safety harness can be applied to prevent slippage and falling
  • Rolls easily in both home and therapy settings
  • Small turn radius
  • Legs swing open for wide chairs and close for narrow doorways (HugN-Go 350AJ7 Model)
  • Low base design available to fit under Beds with 7” clearances (HugN-Go 350AJ7 Model)
  • Small footprint for storage

LiteGait’s goal has always been to design products that will allow both the clinician and the patient to accomplish more – more facilitation by therapists, and more practice by patients. To make this effort easier, the HugN-Go is a tool designed to assist both patient and therapist.

The HugN-Go is a versatile 3-in-1 mobility device designed for use in the home and in a clinical setting.  Its small turn radius, sleek design and rechargeable battery-powered lift make it easy for one caregiver to safely operate during all three functions.  The comfortable, padded buckle system makes it quick and easy to support and lift the user for the three functions.  The hand-held control of the powerful actuator enables a caregiver to lift a user for transfers or into standing with little effort, decreasing burden on caregivers.  The adjustable chest and hip pads “hug” the user to provide trunk support, while the adjustable armrests and hand grips can be positioned for individual users.  Seated transfers can be performed to assist in moving users for commode transfers or bed to chair transfers.  Users can be lifted into an upright standing position from a bed, commode, or chair.  The user can then be supported in standing to safely perform exercises, balance, and other functional activities.  Supported ambulation can be performed safely with support easily varied through the touch of a button.  The base design provides stability without obstructing normal gait mechanics. Steering casters can be locked to keep the HugN-Go moving in a straight line when indicated and unlocked for turning with a tight turning radius.

HugN-Go 250
Our smallest HugN-Go device is the HugN-Go 250, an assistive device built on the principles of LiteGait.  Supported ambulation overground and unencumbered by device inertia.  It moves with the patient and supports them as much as needed and catches them should they fall.  The HugN-Go 250, supports and lifts users up to 250 pounds and 6’ tall, with the smallest bases available for navigating through doorways and bathrooms in the home or facility.  Selection of base size should depend on the user’s needs, including width of wheelchair and width of doorways to negotiate.


  • Bed to commode
  • Commode to wheelchair
  • Wheelchair to mat table
  • Therapy table to wheelchair
  • Wheelchair to bed

Sit to Stand

The HugN-Go’s remote controlled powerful actuator lifts an individual from a seated to an upright position, whether it be from a bed, wheelchair, or mat table.  Therefore removing the strain and stress placed on the caregiver!  Once the individual is brought to an upright position, a caregiver can focus on range of motion and various pre-gait exercises and activities.

(HugN-go 350 Adjustable Width Base Model Shown)

Supported Ambulation

The HugN-Go’s adjustable chest and hip pads, armrests, and hand grips can be positioned to fit individuals of different sizes.  The amount of support provided during ambulation can be increased or decreased using a remote control.  The HugN-Go’s casters can be “locked” directionally to keep an individual safely ambulating in a straight line forward or backward.  If an individual is able to be challenged more, the casters can be “unlocked” to also allow for practicing turning and side-stepping.