LiteGait HugN-Go 350 Mobility Device


  • Supports & Lifts
  • 61cm Vertical Powered Lift
  • Patients to 6’6″ in Height
  • Patient Capacity to 159kgs


The HugN-Go Mobility Device products are the first Supported Ambulation devices of their kind.

A walker that lifts and supports, the HugN-Go products allow for patients with a wide range of impairments to get up and walk over ground safely.

The HugN-Go can lift patients weighing up to 350lbs (for the 350 models) from sit to stand, in and out of a chair or wheelchair, on and off the toilet or from a bed all with the push of a button.

The easy to use harness simplifies the process of getting patients upright, and assists balance during ambulation for a confidence building experience.

  • Battery operated power lift
  • Easy to use remote control switch
  • Easy to unweigh patients
  • Safety harness can be applied to prevent slippage and falling
  • Rolls easily in both home and therapy settings
  • Small turn radius
  • Legs swing open for wide chairs and close for narrow doorways (HugN-Go 350AJ7 Model)
  • Low base design available to fit under Beds with 7” clearances (HugN-Go 350AJ7 Model)
  • Small footprint for storage

LiteGait’s goal has always been to design products that will allow both the clinician and the patient to accomplish more – more facilitation by therapists, and more practice by patients. To make this effort easier, the HugN-Go is a tool designed to assist both patient and therapist.

Maximum Patient Lift Capacity 350lbs (159kg), Maximum Patient Height on ground 6’4″, Vertical Power Lift 24″ (61cm), Inside Base Width 30” (76.2cm)

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