LiteGait CrawlAhead – Paediatric Crawler

  • Gentle Crawling Assistance
  • Home or Clinic use
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • For Babies up to 18kg/89cm
  • Harness Included

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In stock

LiteGait CrawlAhead

Turn little function to big advantage!

CrawlAhead is an assistive and therapeutic crawler device.   It supports the body in a quadruped posture for weight-bearing and crawling, offering a multitude of benefits while helping to achieve an important milestone in an infant’s life.  Appropriate for facility or home use.  Consider the CrawlAhead a “double-barrelled” solution, simultaneously promoting motor and cognitive improvement!

As your baby begins to crawl they are developing:
• Both gross and fine motor skills
• Balance
• Hand-eye coordination
• Left-right brain coordination
• Binocular vision
• Spatial understanding
• Physical strength
• Self-confidence

Motor Impairment & Early Cognitive Development

Do you know why early motor tests for infants were developed by psychologists?  Motor function was the best indication of cognitive development in infants: early mobility strongly correlates with cognitive development.  By moving through space and exploring their environments, children learn develop knowledge of spatial relationships.  An infant sees something interesting, and satisfies their curiosity by pursuing it and exploring it.

What happens then, when a baby cannot move around independently, because their movement impairments prevent them from developing early motor skills, as is common in children with cerebral palsy?  Their exploration and learning are hampered, resulting in secondary cognitive impairment due to lack of exposure.  CrawlAhead was developed specifically to combat the impact of motor impairment on early cognitive development.

LiteGait CrawlAhead Boy
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Simple but Supportive

CrawlAhead supports an infant on all fours, partially off-loading their lower body, and glides easily over the floor so that the baby can reap the cognitive and motor benefits of moving independently.  The portability and ease of setup allow parents and family members to promote tremendous amounts of practice of crawling steps in the baby’s natural environment, at home or while visiting others.

Typically developing children crawl 1000-3200 steps (60-188 meters) per day, way too many to expect an adult to provide assistance for – the awkward postures alone would break their backs!  As a result, children with cerebral palsy have much less opportunity to practice crawling, and their motor development suffers further from lack of practice!  Consider the CrawlAhead a “double-barrelled” solution, simultaneously promoting motor and cognitive improvement!

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