INNOFIT TR8000i Pro Series Rehabilitation Treadmill

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Rehabilitation Treadmill Series

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  • 0.2 – 5kph Reverse
  • 0.2 – 20kph Forward
  • -3 Decline – +12% Incline
  • 227kg Weight Capacity
  • 56 x 158cm Deck
  • Optional Long Handrails

The INNOFIT TR8000i Treadmill with Rehabilitation Features. 

Featured packed, this commercial grade treadmill has a 5 hp AC motor, durable steel construction.  The 56cm by 158cm running deck permits full, athletic strides, while four impact-absorbing shocks replicate real-world environments that are gentle on your knees, back, and joints.  Forward, Reverse, Incline, Decline, 0.2kph Start Speed, Full Length Medical Handrail Option – what more could you need.


  • 5 HP Permanent-Magnet AC Motor

Housing a widely-capable 5 HP permanent-magnet AC motor, the TR8000i medical treadmill provides tremendous torque at low speeds for walkers, and smooth, continuous power at high speeds for athletic training sessions. The heart of your product, we put only the highest-quality, longest-lasting motors into every treadmill we produce. Rest assured, you’re getting the strongest, most durable piece of technology available.


  • Reverse Speed to -5kph
  • Forward Speed 0.2 – 20kph

Combining a low maintenance/high mileage commercial belt, 1,000 pound thrust incline motor and 3” crowned rollers, the TR8000i medical treadmill easily handles hours of daily use in the most diverse of environments. No workout is off limits with both incline and decline, speeds up to 20kph, and all-steel construction.

Incline/Decline Capabilities and Assessments

  • Incline/Decline Rage from -3% to 12%
  • Rockport Fitness Assessment

A functional powerhouse, the TR8000i physical therapy treadmill’s capabilities include dynamic performance training as well as therapeutic rehabilitation. Capable of both decline and incline, users can vary terrain from -3% to 12%, depending upon personal requirements. The on-board Rockport Fitness Assessment guides users through sub-maximal VO2 calculation to determine total aerobic fitness in an academically sound, safe manner.


Use for Fitness, Wellness or Rehab with short standard handrails or with extended medical style handrails with both Adult and Paediatric handrails heights.

It’s your choice.

Designed as a Rehabilitation Treadmill

  • Gentle Starting Speed of 0.2 kph
  • Reverse Speeds of Up to -5kph
  • Full-Length Medical Handrails Optional

A gentle starting speed of 0.2 kph benefits those with limited mobility, while a maximum speed of 20 kph allows for a full range of programming and diverse styles of use.  Reverse speeds of up to 5 kph aid in professional therapy and injury rehabilitation.  Optional extended, full-length medical handrails provide support for all users.  Fully extended to the rear of the belt, the handrails also provide support during entry and exit from the deck on your rehabilitation treadmill.

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Weight 206 kg
Dimensions 230 × 105 × 51 cm

User Weight Capacity

Unit Assembled Dimensions LxWxH

2057 x 990 x 1549mm


Time, Speed, Heart Rate, Distance

Cushion System

Deck Suspension 4 Independent Compression Shocks

Power Requirements

10amp Dedicated Circuit

Treadmill Start Speed


Treadmill Belt

56 x 158cm

Incline Motor

1000 lbs Thrust

Unit Assembled Weight


Drive Motor

5 HP Continuous Duty AC


0.2 – 20kph


-3% Decline – +12% Incline

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