ChineSport Italy Shower Trolley Basic HT with Tilting Head

ChineSport Italia

  • The trolley can be used for both transport and showering. The hydraulic version can be height-adjusted by means of a foot pump on either side.
  • The whole frame has a special cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment, the mattress base is made of plastic ABS; side rails, fasteners and internal wheel components are stainless steel
  • Safety side rails are provided with a locking device and can be easily folded down with one hand when moving patients from bed to stretcher
  • Width can be effortlessly reduced by attendants when transporting through doorways by folding down the side rails.
  • The stretcher has a drain hole with a 150 cm water drainage hose.
  • Drainage is made easier thanks to the possibility for the carer to tilt the mattress base by means of a gas spring control.
  • Casters have a 12.5 cm diameter and individual brake.
  • There is a directional lock to facilitate transport.
  • A version with tilt-adjustable backrest (up to 63°) by means of manual control and gas piston is also available.
  • Safe working load: 160 kg

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  • Height adjustment system: HYDRAULIC
  • Safe working load: 160 KG
  • Weight: 99 KG
  • Caster diameter: ø 12.5 cm
  • Caster braking system: INDIVIDUAL ON EACH CASTER
  • Directional system
  • Side rails width reduction
  • Backrest/headrest
  • Tilt for water discharge: 5°
  • Discharge hose length: 150 cm
  • IP protection: X5
  • Power supply: 110-220V- 50/60 Hz- 500mA battery charger
  • Electrical safety: 24V internal supply
  • Anti-corrosion details:
  • Safety sides: stainless
  • Fasteners: Stainless
  • Top surface: ABS
  • Anti-corrosion treated frame
  • Casters: WASHABLE
  • Washing and disinfection:
  • Mattress material: PVC coated fabrics