AusCo Pilates Clinical Reformer


  • Five Springs (3 Variable Resistance)
  • Removable Shoulder Pads
  • Two length Positions for Shoulder Pads
  • Double Function Rope Straps


AusCo’s Australian designed and manufactured Pilates Fitness Reformer suitable for studio, gym or home use

The unique extruded rails securely retain the smooth-riding carriage while the foot bar has a spring-loaded angle adjustment control which can be operated by foot during a session.

The integral wheels allow for easy moving of the AusCo Pilates Fitness Reformer which can be stored by stacking [up to 5 high] or upright when not in use. Non-slip feet hold the reformer securely even on a wooden floor.

Other standard features include:

Carriage height of 190mm

Five springs [3 standard weight and one each ½ and ¼ weight] and a three-position spring mount allowing up to 45 varying resistances

Integrated wooden foot board with non-slip surface,

Double function rope straps for hand or foot use,

Removable shoulder pads with integrated rope storage hooks,

Two length positions for shoulder pads


Wheels for easy movement,

The wide foot bar has custom made padding for improved comfort.

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