LiteGait Benefits

The LiteGait® family of products has provided a safe and effective environment for walking therapy for over a decade. As the original partial weight bearing therapy device, LiteGait has forever altered gait therapy techniques as well as expectations of outcome. View the complete LiteGait Range

LiteGait has the finest products to offer

  • For Facilites
  • For Patients
  • For Therapists

For Facilities

  • LiteGait allows Facilites to:
  • achieve increased efficiency and increase the number of patients receiving gait therapy
  • provide a secure environment that allows one therapist to treat difficult patients and still achieve effective results with gait therapy
  • reduce the risk of back injury to staff, and risk of falls to patients
  • offer therapy to patients previously not eligible for gait therapy due to the severity or complexity of their condition or cognitive level
  • offer longer therapy sessions to certain patients
  • treat extra patients
  • capture charges for complex treatment
  • create a safer, more succesful and enjoyable therapy environment for both the patient and the therapist

Facilities have utilised the LiteGait Therapy System to generate additional revenue in a number of ways, including increased referrals, Medicare B, and improved efficiency. Please contact RehabTechnology for further information regarding LiteGait Justifications and the LiteGait Return on Investment.

For Patients

  • With LiteGait Patients can:
  • obtain supported suspension
  • comfortably walk in an environment free from falls
  • increase or decrease the weight bearing load on the weaker side of the body
  • learn to walk with proper upright posture
  • achieve controlled reduction of weight bearing
  • use an assistive device while being supported over ground
  • begin gait training earlier in the rehabilitation process, and at a lower level
  • have improved interaction with the therapist
  • experience a sense of accomplishmentachieve increased efficiency and increase the number of patients receiving gait therapy

For Therapists

  • LiteGait allows Therapists to:
  • control weight bearing and posture to correct asymmetric movement
  • prevent excessive forward lean
  • train symmetric gait patterns for patients with one sided body weakness
  • facilitate proper gait patterns
  • work on symmetry and weight shifting
  • train coordination without balance concerns
  • manually assist limb placement
  • facilitate proper hip alignment
  • provide efficient treatment
  • work on sit to stand, balance, and posture
  • safely lift patients to standing from chair or mat
  • objectively chart patient progress with BiSym™ Scale (optional)

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