LiteGait Education

Rehabilitation Technology was created to bring rehabilitation solutions to clinicians, to bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical arenas, and to serve the educational needs of rehabilitation professionals. From providing our onsite educational inservices, equipment training sessions, and accredited seminars to organizing national and international accredited courses, we have committed extensive resources to the education of clinicians. Our hope is to prepare today's clinicians for tomorrow's challenges.

This includes:

  • technical and financial support for ongoing research projects and the dissemination of their findings
  • providing speakers for professional meetings
  • connecting clinician "authors" with professional journals for publication of their articles
  • collaborating with clinicians on evaluation and development of new solutions and products
  • providing access to current research information for students and practicing clinicians

Of course, the main objective of our Education Department is to provide quality onsite training sessions for LiteGait® and our other products. We believe that educated users are successful users. Learn more

Onsite LiteGait Training Options

Our onsite training sessions are taught by certified LiteGait instructors who are trained to teach your clinicians the proper, safe, and efficient use of LiteGait, and its application to your specific patient population. Our trainers are chosen for their expertise in the clinical application of LiteGait therapy, and also for their abiility to convey the science, rationale, and research that support the techniques—the HOW and the WHY of partial weight bearing gait therapy.

Just click for more information on LiteGait training, or request a training session quote.

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Features and options like never before

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