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Rehab Technology brings you the most extensive range of Rehabilitation and Medical Specific Parallel Bars & Staircases for Balance & Stability Training available in Australia. We focus on usability, accessibility, biomechanics and safety features making them more suitable for hospital and clinical use in Physiotherapy Private and Public use.

LiftUp StairTrainer Electric Height Adjustable Exercise Stairs

StairTrainer is a mobile, fully adjustable electric height adjustable staircase that can be used to support patients in rehabilitation as they learn to use stairs again.

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    The StairTrainer from LiftUp is used by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide. 

    Rehabilitation should begin as quickly as possible to maximise your chances of a full recovery after illness or an accident. StairTrainer is one of the best rehabilitation aids available and is widely used for rehabilitation and ongoing physiotherapy for adults and children.

    The height of the stairs on the StairTrainer can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 19 cm, which helps patients at all stages of rehabilitation to regain and improve their ability and confidence to use stairs. The StairTrainer design incorporates safety features such as an all-round handrail and an emergency contact button. This makes it safer to use for both the patient and the physiotherapist.

    The StairTrainer features a digital display which shows the current step height setting. This provides extra motivation to the patient to continue with their rehabilitation as they can monitor their progress as the stair height increases.

    Transport wheels give the StairTrainer additional flexibility by allowing you to easily relocate it to where you need it. Due to its compact design, the StairTrainer can fit through doorways as narrow as 90 cm.

  • LiftUp StairTrainer
  • Several adjustment options for level of difficulty
  • Simple to transport
  • Digital display enables user to follow progress
  • Faster begin of rehabilitation process
  • Higher success rate of rehabilitation
  • Safer way of training or exercising
  • Mobile training device
  • Sharing of device between several departments and clinics possible
  • Ensures training in undisturbed surroundings
  • Plug & Play feature requires no installation or setup by professionals

  • Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions Length: 1650mm x Width 820mm x Height 1085mm
  • Weight: Dead weight: 105 kg 
  • Weight Capacity: 180 kg

    LiftUp StairTrainer Electric Height Adjustable Exercise StairsLiftUp StairTrainer Electric Height Adjustable Exercise StairsLiftUp StairTrainer Electric Height Adjustable Exercise Stairs

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