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Rehab Technology brings you the most extensive range of Rehabilitation and Medical Specific Parallel Bars & Staircases for Balance & Stability Training available in Australia. We focus on usability, accessibility, biomechanics and safety features making them more suitable for hospital and clinical use in Physiotherapy Private and Public use.

AusCo Folding EzyStore Parallel Walking Bars with Adjustable Height

The AusCo Folding EzyStore Adjustable Height Parallel Walking Bars are an Australian Made set of Walking Bars that are strong and sturdy. Their simple design and easy adjustment operation makes them easy for a wide variety of people to use and to fold away out of the way to save on space.

Price including GST: // Price including GST:

Choose a Length and Rail Material:
AusCo 3m Length EzyStore with Standard Timber Rails
AusCo 3m Length EzyStore with Custom Metal Rails
AusCo 4m Length EzyStore with Standard Timber Rails
AusCo 4m Length EzyStore with Custom Metal Rails
Choose a Height Range:
Standard Height Range 700 - 1000mm
Custom Height Range 500 - 700mm

  • AusCo 3m Folding Walking Rails are designed and made in Australia.
  • The folding rails are designed so that they can be stored 'out of the way' when not in use.
  • These rails feature shaped and lacquered wooden hand rails for user comfort and good looks.
  • With a flat top surface, they can also be used for balance control.
  • The maximum distance between the rails is approximately 510mm.
  • Standard height range is 700 - 1000mm adjustable in 25mm increments. 
  • Also available with 500 - 700mm height range.



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