Guthrie Smith Frames Pulley Therapy Equipment Range has just been launched by Rehab Technology in Australia and is called our Archimedes Pulley Therapy System.

Archimedes Pulley Therapy System is an open pulley therapy system that offers a variety of different types of exercises to meet the requirements of both professionals and patients. It consists of modular frames that adapt to any operational needs and available space, a series of harnesses for the body regions and a number of other tools to complete the required equipment. ARCHIMEDES Pulley Therapy System allows creativity in defining specific rehabilitation programs.

The newly developed Guthrie Smith Frame System is now modular allowing Fixed Modular Frame Systems to Walls or Ceilings or alternatively Self Supporting Modular Frames or a combination of both.

The pulley therapy metal frame system is modular, wide and flexible to meet the professional’s requirements depending on available space and type of exercises to develop.

This means that options range from fixed wall or ceiling frames to freestanding frames with two or more support planes. In addition, each work station proposed in its standard configuration can be supplemented by various types of side grids or reinforcement details to increase the safe working load at any time, whether at the moment of purchase or later.

The frame suggestions are accompanied by icon symbols to provide information on maximum or additional standard load, which is made safe by the application of these reinforcement elements.
Other basic elements, intended as optionals or accessories, can create more configurations in addition to the proposed standard ones. Some examples are shown in the following pages.

Harnesses were designed in various sizes so they can be applied to different body regions and meet specific activity needs. These tools meet the requirements of easy sanitation, durability and ease of use when setting up the exercises.

A number of additional tools to be used along with or in alternative to harnesses are proposed. These tools were conceived for various types of exercises and may also be used as basic elements by professionals to create personalised workout programs to suit the patient’s specific needs.

The UniX series couches are suitable to be used either on their own or in combination with the frames illustrated further on. These couches can be height-adjusted electrically or hydraulically, but there is no segment displacement during adjustment. This means that they can be configured with or without transport casters, and a series of accessories is available. Please read the dedicated section on our Plinth and Couch Range.