Sometimes called a UBE or othewise known as an Upper Body Ergometer, the traditional Arm Ergometer can come in many forms.

Monark 881E Ergometer shown

We make it simple.  Essentially you can either get one that is a true Ergometer, that is a product that produces a power output in Watts that maybe calibrated or othewise a Trainer that provides the same functionality as seen in a regular exercise bike.  You still get the regular feedback such as speed, time, distance etc but just not an output in Watts.

There are then models which fit into both of these categories, generally speaking it is the more sophisticated of these that will measure a power output in Watts.

Most models unless attached to a table can be used for upper and lower body training and come with either pedals that can be used for both hands and feet or alternatively handles can be swapped for pedals and visa versa.