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Rehab Technology brings you the most extensive range of Rehabilitation and Medical Upper Body Ergometers UBE and Trainers available in Australia. We focus on trainers that are versatile for a broader audience, or otherwise specific to a medical requirement with quality build components along with safety features making them more suitable for hospital and clinical use in Physiotherapy Private and Public use.


APT 1 Active Passive Trainer

The APT-1 Active Passive Trainer combines both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor.

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The Active Passive Trainer (APT) is a unique exercise rehabilitation trainer for the upper or lower limbs. APT is an electronically-powered trainer with both forward and backward rotation.

PASSIVE MODE - a powered movement at regulated speeds, for exercise of limbs that have limited or no muscle power.

A unique auto reverse feature ensures that in the event of a muscle seizure during exercise, APT senses that the pedals have locked and gently reverses direction to release the affected muscles.

ACTIVE MODE - enables a wide range of exercise, either workload dependent, where the resistance level is constant regardless of pedal speed, or isokinetic where resistance increases as speed increases.

The height and the length of the crank arms are easily adjusted to provide a variable range of motion, giving the APT exceptional versatility, with exercise options to meet most requirements.

Specially designed foot rests, leg supports, hand grips, support gloves can be interchanged quickly and easily, clipping firmly into the variable length crank arm with APT’s simple quick release fittings.

Offering a wide range of advanced features, the Active Passive Trainer APT-1 helps passive users recovering from injury, suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair maintain muscle tone and improves blood circulation and stamina. The Trainer also challenges active users and is extremely helpful for movement rehabilitation, improving trength, stamina and fitness.

Highly portable, weighing only 22 lbs / 10kg the Active Passive Trainer APT-1 can be positioned anywhere. Place it on the floor for lower body exercises or on a table top for upper body workout.

Other features include exclusive, easily changeable accessories that enable complete utilization of the APT-1 by users with different and varied physical difficulties.

Passive Mode
  • 5 speeds for passive exercising. 
  • Auto reverse feature ensures release of seized muscles.
  • Upper and lower limb training for passive, disabled users.
  • Improve circulation, muscle tone and range of motion.
  • Decrease atrophy, spasms and swelling.
  • Reduces total limb resistance to passive cycling.
  • Normalizes lower extremities muscle tone.
Clinical Applications:
Spinal cord injury
Spina Bifida
Cerebrovascular Incidence (CVA)
Cerebral Palsy
Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

Active Mode
  • 5 levels of resistance for Active exercising.
  • Active training for upper and lower limbs.
  • Adjustable crank-arm height and length.
  • Improve blood circulation, strength endurance and muscle-tone.
  • Learn the motorics of cycling.
  • Activate rhythmical locomotion patterns.
Clinical Applications:
Senior citizens
Orthopedic pathologies (partial weight bearing)
Children with motoric disorders
Post traumatic brain damage
Multiple Sclerosis
Post Polio Syndrome
Post Cardiac Rehabilitation

Weight: 18 Kg (22 lbs)
Folded Dimensions: 46 x 72  x 15 cm
Rotation Radius: 37.5/75/112.5/150 mm
Exercising Positions (angle): 15/30/45/60
Rated Voltage: 18 V AC
Power Supply: 220-240V AC 50 Hz.
Rated Power: 100 VA
Approvals: CE, TUV, TGA

APT-1 Technical Specifications:
Packed Dimensions: 70 x 52 x 24 cm

APT-1 Hi-Lo Technical Specifications:
Packed Dimensions: 104 x 70 x 25 cm
Packed Weight: 39 Kg
Base Dimensions: 100 x 76 cm
Height: 100 cm
Working Height: from ground level up to 125 cm


    APT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive Trainer
    APT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive Trainer
    APT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive TrainerAPT 1 Active Passive Trainer

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